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Meals in iPhone
Bowl of food
Thousands of recipes

Discover thousands of delicious recipes based on your diet and preferences

Diet plan
19 diet plans

19 awesome diet plans including Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, and Gluten-free

Track your nutrition

Log your meals, track your calories and macros, and generate healthy meal plans

Meals' awesome features

Take a look through some of Meals' awesome features!
Recipes Screen
1000s of recipes

Meals has thousands of varied and unique recipes, each with its own nutrition information, health score and difficulty score.

Diet Plans screen
19 diet plans

19 awesome diet plans including Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, and Gluten-free!

Diary Screen
Track your nutrition
Log your meals, see your daily nutrition breakdown, generate meal plans, and set goals for yourself!
Allergies Screen
16 allergy filters
Recipes are personalised to your tastes and allergies, with 16 allergy and preference filters included
Shopping List Screen
Shopping list
Make grocery shopping easier by adding ingredients to your shopping list
Guides Screen
Learn about health and fitness through our informative guides!
Achievements Screen
Earn and collect achievements for reaching certain milestones!

Rated 5 Stars on the App Store

We receive consistent outstanding feedback!
Finally an app which brings it all together!
I’ve been searching for ages for a way to link in my diet with my health plan and I’m so glad I’ve found this little gem. The range of plans on offer is brilliant and caters for all comers with vegan, low carb, vegetarian, allergies, and for me as an IF disciple it’s helped me plan meals that fit into my IF lifestyle. There is literally tons of healthy meal plans tailored for you whatever your preference and it’s easy to use and handy to have on your phone.
Top stuff Meals! Keep it coming!
Amazing app
I am a huge fan of healthy eating and I’ve used many diet and meal apps but this is my favorite so far. Since I’m trying to lose weight by switching to low calorie meals, I’ve found this app very useful because not only it has vegan, Keto and vegetarian meals as an option to suit all preferences but all of them are really tasty and easy to cook. It takes zero time which is the most important for me since I can’t spend too much time food prepping due to my busy schedule.
Meal plans sorted!
I recently became a student and I was finding it super hard to imagine good meals to fit into my schedule. This app has saved me! I’ve found some really good high protein and low carb dishes, and the options are really tailored to my intolerances/preferences which is great. I rarely leave app reviews so would definitely recommend, thanks so much for this app!!
Eating Healthy Made Easy
Let me just start by saying that as someone who has trouble sticking to a diet, I thought I’d never find a solution to my dilemma. I’ve been using this app for some time now and it’s made it soo easy for me to stick a good heathy diet. I’ve been on the keto diet for some time now and with the help of this app, I’ve gained a better relationship with not only food, but also my mental well being. This is an app everyone should use if they want to not only lose weight but also just to feel more confident in their body and in their skin.
Best meal planner on the App Store!
I’ve been vegetarian for a number of years now and tend to stick with the same old recipes, so this app has really helped me to mix up my eating habits and try some new stuff whilst hitting all my nutrition goals! The ability to tailor your meal plan to a specific diet is so useful for someone who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, or just wants to live a healthier lifestyle. The interface is super clear and simple. Best meal planner I’ve tried by far!
I have recently started using this app! It’s changed the way I look and feel about food! So many tasty low carb recipes. I’ve tried some new vegetarian and vegan recipes that I never would have even thought of before this app! I’d started on a keto diet some time ago and this app only brought new ideas for me! I will most definitely be recommending this to my friends who get stuck for meal ideas.
Extremely Helpful and Easy to Use
Really happy with this app as it makes it very easy to manage your meals on a daily basis - by far one of the best meal planners I have ever used! Would highly recommend using this app if you have no idea on dieting as the meals are specifically designed for what you want to cut down on. All in all, it’s definitely helped me take a step forward into being much more healthy
I love this app!
I never knew their were so many healthy delicious recipes out there. Everything I need is in this one app and it’s so easy to use. There’s options for vegans and for vegetarians but what’s also good is there are gluten free and low carb recipes. I searched through so many apps trying to find healthy foods but none of them had such a variety like meals. I would highly recommend it!
Amazing app for veggies!
I absolutely love this app and have been using it constantly since I downloaded it. I’m a vegetarian and always find it hard to be inspired when it comes to cooking food but I love the recipes on here and the meal planner helps me plan my meals for the week. There are lots of healthy and low carb options and I’ve also been cooking some of the vegan recipes.
Great foodie app giving you new inspiration
Very easy to get up and running, select whether you follow a specific diet (vegan, low carb, vegetarian etc or not), then what macro you eat more of (carbs, protein or fat) and off you go. The recipes are easy to understand, to cook, are healthy (detailing calories per portion) and tasty. They cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can favourite recipes so you can easily find your favourites and each one has a health score so you can see how healthy it is for you.
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