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Picking the right diet

With so many diets out there, how do you pick the best one for you? This guide will walk you through all the reasons you would pick a certain diet, and how to narrow it down.

Reasons to pick a diet

If you have any allergies, you should clearly pick a diet that excludes any foods that would give you a reaction.

You can always pick any diet and just exclude the foods that may be harmful, but it may leave you with fewer options and variety that a diet better suited to your allergies would.
Gluten free
Love meat but hate fish? You won’t enjoy the pescetarian diet. Prefer to avoid all animal products? The vegan diet is clearly for you.

After allergies, your preferences are the most important part of figuring out the right diet.
We let you filter our recipes by food preferences - you can do this by visiting the settings and tapping Edit food preferences.
Want to explore foods of different countries and cultures? Perhaps you’re visiting a different country soon and want to get a headstart on the food you’ll be eating! Or maybe you just want to eat the food of your culture.
Weight loss
Weight loss is the most common reason people try a new diet. For example, the keto diet is a popular choice for weight loss because of how filling it is, and it cuts a lot of addictive sugary foods out.

It’s important to pick a diet that you can stick to long term - if you come off the diet as soon as you lose the weight, you’re likely to gain it back.

For more details on how to lose weight, take a look at our Losing Weight guide.

Losing weight

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Our plans

Meals currently offers 17 diet plans. Here are the reasons to pick each diet plan.
International plans
Aside from cultural reasons, you may want to pick each of these plans for these reasons:

If you like fruits & veggies, whole grains, nuts, seafood and oily food. If you don’t mind avoiding red meat, refined grains and sugars.

If you like fatty fish (salmon, mackarel, herring), berries, root veggies (potatoes, carrots), nuts, dairy and whole grains. If you don’t mind avoiding high-fat meats (sausage, bacon).

If you like veggies and fish, rice, and pickled & fermented foods. If you don’t mind food the includes soy.
If you like flavorful and spicy food, herbs, legumes, fruit, veggies and grains.
Masala Dosa
If you like fruits & veggies, rice, beans, grains, meats and seafood. If you want to try healthier ways of cooking food like steaming in leaves, boiling, roasting or baking.

Eastern European
If you like hearty meals like stews, pastry and red meats. If you like dairy and fruits like pears, plums, cherries and peaches.
If you like aromatic herbs and spices, veggies, noodles and soups.
Tom Yum Goong
Veggie plans
Many people choose a veggie-based plan for ethical or environmental reasons, so those are the main reasons you would choose a vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian diet.
If you want to completely avoid all animal products.

If you want to avoid all meat and seafood, but still keep foods like dairy, eggs and honey.

The vegetarian diet, but with seafood like fish and shellfish.
Meaty plans
A diet high in meat is great for athletes due to being protein-rich. They’re also great for weight loss, as carb-based food tends to be high in sugar and addictive.
Keto has gained a lot of popularity. It’s a high fat, low carb diet and is great for weight loss, as your body switches to burning fat for energy instead of sugar/carbs. This diet is great for you if you like meat, eggs, dairy and leafy vegetables, and are fine with completely cutting out sugar and grains.

Paleo mimics how prehistoric humans may have eaten. This diet is for you if you like fish, lean meats, fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds. Like keto, you’ll be avoiding sugar and grains.
High protein
If you’re an athlete or do a lot of exercise, the high protein diet is for you. You’ll be eating red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and veggies.
Fish Steak
Other plans
Gluten free
If you have a gluten insensitivity, celiac disease or just want to cut out grains (bread, pastries, desserts).

If you have IBS or digestive issues, a low FODMAP diet could significantly reduce your symptoms.

If you have no preference or don’t know where to start, the classic balanced diet is a great choice!


Basically, pick the diet that most appeals to you and suits your allergies and preferences. In summary:

To lose weight
Keto, paleo, balanced, gluten free

To build muscle
High protein, paleo, balanced

For ethical and environmental reasons
Vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian

To manage allergies
Gluten free, low FODMAP

Try something new
Mediterranean, Nordic, Japanese, Caribbean, Indian, African, Eastern European, Thai

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